Fard Johnmar, CEO, Enspektos July 21, 2018

I've worked with Jim on a couple of digital health-focused projects, including my 2014 global virtual summit where Jim provided keen insights and forward-thinking advice about how to propel digital innovation at large, complex health organizations. I'm also pleased to note that my collaborations with Jim have helped shape my thinking and approach toward digital health innovation and my current and future activities in this area. Thanks Jim for being curious, open, action-oriented and most importantly, supportive. Jim's a fantastic person to have in your corner.View more

Eileen Scully, Author; Speaker, Founder, The Rising Tides - Making the Workplace Better for Women July 21, 2018

Jim is an exceptional strategist who executes solid marketing plans for Roche Diagnostics, while encouraging his team to expand their marketing knowledge and expertise. His passion for social / digital media and marketing is transforming Roche through his leadership and vision. He managed many challenging situations with authority and truthfulness, and holds himself to the high level of performance that he demands from others. View more

Mark Bard, Founder, Manhattan Research July 21, 2018

Jim has been a valuable source of insight and shares innovative ideas through his articles, speaking, and overall content contributions with regard to the future of digital, innovation, and how technology will impact health. He was an early supporter and contributor to the Digital Health Coalition and provides a fresh perspective in an industry that often asks ... Why do we need to change? View more

Erin Gray, CEO, Grey Healthcare Group July 21, 2018

I had the opportunity to work with Jim on strategic digital initiatives and found him to be highly strategic and very collaborative. View more

Dave Chase, Creator Health Rosetta. Author, CEOs Guide to Restoring the American Dream. EP, The Big Heist. Natural habitat: Mountains July 21, 2018

Jim is an intrapreneur and is focused on driving change in his organization. He has a strong focus on patient engagement and has been a longtime proponent and advocate for digital health and the change that is impacting all pharma and medical device companies. it is clear that he understands the dynamics of the evolving healthcare industry and is leading change in a very large organization. View more

John Luginbill, CEO, The Heavyweights July 21, 2018

World-class is such a hackneyed phrase. Here is one of the rare cases it really applies. As head of global digital marketing at Roche, Jim shows innovation and clear thinking in dozens of countries on every continent but Antarctica - and each different country has it own idiosyncrasies and challenges. Jim is outstanding in every way in every place. View more